umc electronics co.,LTD


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umc electronics co.,LTD
Country: China(Hong Kong) China(Hong Kong)
Established Time: 2016
Business License:
Total Stuff: 11 - 50 People
Business type: Manufacturer,Trading Company,Buying Office

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  • Contact Person: Ms.Anne
  • Tel: 852-30696825-01
  • Street: Unit 4,7F Bright Tower,No33 mong kok road HK

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Welcome To Our Site!

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our customers and business partners, who always grant us with a multitude of guidance and great support.

We, the UMC Electronics Group, are Japans largest and finest EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) company, have the state of the arts technology with the enthusiastic traditional spirit and are opening up a new era of Monozukuri [manufacturing spirit].
We always stand customers viewpoints with a spirit of gratitude and devote ourselves every day to deliver products which represent our passion to satisfy our customers. In order to do so, by turning our whole company into one, practicing the 3G principle (Genba, Genbutsu, Genjitsu [go to the place, see the product and understand the situation), aspiring the best QCDS (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service) in the business and having established manufacturing bases in Japan, China, Vietnam and Thailand as well as Sales offices in Japan, China and Germany, hence being closer to the customer, we offer suitable production and development services.

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Company Name: umc electronics co.,LTD
Country/Territory: China(Hong Kong)
Registered Address: Unit 4,7F Bright Tower,No33 mong kok road HK,,China(Hong Kong)
Year Established: 2016
Registered Capital: HKD 50,000,000